Episkopi - 13 luxury apartments to be constructed.
6 on one plot, 7 on the other plot.

The Episkopi Project is being developed on 2 adjacent plots of extraordinary beauty with unobstructed views of the White Mountains and the sea.
This Project consists of two plots Plot A with 7 apartments, and Plot B with 6 apartments. The total area of the land is approx 4,787 sqm with
2 and 3 bedroom apartments ranging from 52,97 m2 to 86,67 m2 The Project is situated only 50m from the actual village of Episkopi with its traditional kafenions,
quaint tavernas and typical Cretan cafeterias . Several amenities can be found in the village including shops, a chemist, a medical centre, petrol station, post office,
bank, institute for foreign languages and supermarket making Episkopi an ideal, autonomous village to live in. The climate in the area is one of the
best in Crete. The village is built 120 m above sea level overlooking the northern coast of Crete, the lush green valley of Mousselas River and the White Mountains.
A beautiful golden sandy beach, probably the best in the prefecture, stretches for many kilometers and is only 2,3 km away from the village.

The name Episkopi means bishopric or diocese and is common to many villages in Crete that housed at one time the bishop’s offices. The religious past of the area is
obvious to visitors as there are many old churches, some of them with remarkable frescoes. The village, also known as "Megali Episkopi" during the Middle Ages acquired the
name "Kalamon". It has a colourful past, as, due to its geographical locaton between Apokoronos and Rethymno, it was the theatre of numerous battles, especially during the
Turkish occupation.
After the tribulations during the Arabic times, the need for education and culture grew rapidly and carried through during the Venetian and Turkish
occupations. The village is fairly old; it exists from the second Byzantine period i.e. 961 a.d. and is mentioned in the archives as having 446 inhabitants before 1583.
Now they are 900 and their main occupation is, as back then, agriculture, producing mainly olive oil.


PRICES RANGE FROM 121.000 - 125,000 euros for 2 bed. and 198,000 for the 3 beds.






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